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Micro Miniature Highland Cows For Sale

micro miniature

Available Cattle For Sale

Dexter Mini Cow

Tippy  | Available

Height: 33 1/2 inches Age ;6 months Breed: 100% highland Chondro Status: Positive Miss Tippy Tail is hands down the sweetest cow in the pasture. She loves to get nose to nose and get a neck rub. She’s more dog than cow most days. Tippy is Chondro positive meaning she carries the dwarf gene. This little girl should never reach 40 inches.

Dexter Mini Cow

Monty | Available

Monty is a micro mini Highpark bull. This little guy is small! You can cross him on a Highland or Highpark heifer and get the coloring and hair everybody loves. He is such a cutie ! I just love his black ears and black nose! 😍 The one thing this guy loves is a good nap …I mean who doesn’t ! It’s nothing to see him out in the pasture snoozing and somebody else comes over and always interrupts wanting to play with him ♥️

Dexter Mini Cow

Campbell | Available

Meet Campbell!! He’s 4 months old micro mini cow. He is so cute, spunky, fluffy, and so much personality! His name is also special. Highland Cows originated in Scotland. My late Grandmother was born and raised there. Her maiden name was Campbell and I thought this was the perfect way to honor her and the heritage. I want to make sure he goes to a very good and comfortable home.


21 Charolais Cross Bred Cows | Available

Herd of Charolais cross Bred cows, 3-7 years old, 2nd-3rd period. Cows have had: Synanthic Oral Dewormer Vira Shield 6VL5 Bimectin Pour on Cows are on purina mineral and will follow a feed truck. Hauling Available All cows will be aged and pregged by vet before delivery.


3 Bulls for Sale | Available

We have 3 bulls for sale. All range from 8 months to 1.5 years old. We were saving them to keep one for ourselves but went a different route and havnt had time to run them to the sale barn. If your interested please message me! 8 month old is a Brahman/ Simmental cross 1 year old is a Shorthorn/ Simmental cross 1.5 year old is a Simmental cross All 3 are really stocky and ready to go.


Gray Heifers | Available

We have a nice set of 6 registered gray heifers available. These girls are dehorned, branded, fully vaccinated, and ready to go. They are gentle and will be super efficient in years to come. These heifers are backed by some of the best genetics in the Brahman breed.


Brahman Heifers | Available

Gentle Set of Brahman Heifers Weigh 400-750 lbs. aged 1 year 2 months to 3years. 5 bull and 7 heifers from different bloodline. They are all in good health and can be used for breeding, milking and beef production. They are very easy to manage due to their small size and low consumption compared to the normal cow

Mini Cows

Two Hereford Bulls | Available

I have two Hereford bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 12 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes


Creek Hans | Available

Creek Hans ready for his own herd! 10 months old. Grandson to Rio Brice. Dam is gorgeous. 22” @ birth, 36.5” @ 10 months. Hetro polled, herd tested annually and he will test before leaving.

Mini Cows

Belfair Bull | Available

MINIATURE Belfair bull SLC, UT Born 11/29/22 Dam raised Dam is a mid size dexter and sire is a true miniature Jersey (39in) A2A2 Beta Milk Protein Heterozygous polled He’s red and carries one dun gene Negative for both Dexter Bulldog mutations Negative for PHA mutation

Mini Cows

Dexter Bulls | Available

I have two Dexter bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 5 and 7 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes

How To Buy A Mini Cow From Us

If you want to buy a cow from our website you need to click on the Place order button that is found below the cow you are interested in. This will take you to our order page where you are to place the order. On our order page you will state the name of the cow you are interested in and the specifications that you need from that cow. Once the order form is filled, you can click on the submit form button and you wait for a response from a member of our team. Within an hour after you place your order, a team member will contact you and you discuss the price, logistics and payment options for the cow(s) you want to order. Once this is done, the cows are sent to your address and your order is complete. 

I. Introduction to Micro Miniature Highland Cows

Description of micro miniature highland cows

Micro miniature Highland cows are a rare and specialized kind of Miniature Highland cow. Despite their diminutive stature, they possess all of the endearing qualities of their larger Highland counterparts, making them a distinct and intriguing breed. Because of their small stature and unusual appearance, these beautiful bovines captivate cattle fans all over the world.

Micro miniature Highland cows, with an average height of 36 to 42 inches at the withers and a weight of 300 to 500 pounds, demonstrate the success of selective breeding efforts aimed at developing miniature cattle. Because of their modest size, they are ideal for small farms, hobby farming, or even as lovely pets, especially for those with limited land space.

Micro tiny Highland cows proudly display the breed’s defining characteristics, including the long, shaggy coat, unusual broad face, and gracefully curled horns. Their kind and affable personality adds to their allure, making them great companions and easy to manage.

The painstaking breeding procedures of committed breeders have resulted in this unusual and adorable breed, which has captured the hearts of cattle aficionados all around the world with its seductive charm and unique characteristics. Mini Cows For Sale Florida

Physical Characteristics

Micro miniature Highland cows have a wonderful diversity of physical traits that add to their attractiveness and beauty. Despite their diminutive stature, they have the unique appearance of their larger Highland cousins, making them an eye-catching breed.

Micro miniature Highland cows are extremely little, measuring 36 to 42 inches at the withers on average. Their modest size distinguishes them from other cattle breeds and makes them suited for small farms or limited field space.

Weight: At 300 to 500 pounds, these petite bovines are substantially lighter than typical cattle breeds, which contributes to their attractiveness as pets or companions for those with little space.Coat: Micro tiny Highland cows, like their larger Highland counterparts, have a stunning and dense double-layered coat. The long, shaggy hair provides insulation against changing weather conditions, keeping them warm and cool.

hues and patterns: Micro tiny Highland cows, like ordinary Highlands, come in a variety of hues. Their coat hues range from black to scarlet to dun and brindle. Some may also have distinct patterns, like as dots and patches, which enhance their visual appeal.

Face: They have a broad brow and a kind look, which contributes to their charming appeal. Their accessible and sociable facial traits make them ideal for engagement.

Horns: Micro miniature Highland cows have the distinctive long, curled horns that distinguish the Highland breed. Their magnificent appearance is enhanced by these finely formed horns.Temperament: Micro tiny Highland cows are gentle and kind, making them easy to manage. Because of their quiet attitude, they are great as pets or for hobby farms.

Longevity: Despite their small size, micro miniature Highland cows have a surprisingly long lifespan, often lasting for 15 to 20 years or more if properly cared for. Mini Cows For Sale In Georgia

II. Micro Miniature Highland Cow Breeds

micro miniature Highland Cow Breed

The micro miniature Highland cow breed is a distinct and uncommon subspecies of the Miniature Highland cow. These appealing cows are recognized by their extremely small size, which distinguishes them as miniature versions of the larger Highland breed. Micro tiny Highland cows are the result of painstaking and selective breeding efforts, often measuring 36 to 42 inches at the withers and weighing 300 to 500 pounds.

Selective breeding methods aimed at producing micro miniature Highland cows place a premium on preserving the breed’s distinguishing characteristics, including as the famed long, shaggy coat, unusual broad face, and gracefully curled horns. They have a wide spectrum of coat colors, including black, red, dun, and brindle, with distinct patterns that add to their visual appeal.

Micro miniature Highland cows are ideal for small farms, hobby farming, and as lovely companions for people with limited land space due to their small size and docile disposition. As these adorable cows continue to pique the interest of cattle aficionados all around the world, diligent breeders are committed to conserving and improving the fascinating traits of the micro miniature Highland cow breed. Mini Cows For Sale In Indiana

Distinct Characteristics of Micro Miniature Highland Cows

Micro miniature Highland cows have a number of distinguishing characteristics that make them an appealing and highly sought-after breed. These intriguing bovines have unique features that make them appealing as pets, friends, or additions to small farms.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of micro miniature Highland cows is their unusually small stature, which ranges from 36 to 42 inches at the withers and weighs between 300 and 500 pounds. Despite their little stature, they have the same remarkable appearance as their larger Highland counterparts, with the trademark long, shaggy double coat that provides protection from changing weather conditions.

Their coat colors and patterns vary, including black, red, dun, and brindle, and they have unique designs such as spots and patches that add to their visual appeal. Their kind and cheerful demeanor is reflected in their unusual facial features, which include a gentle look and a large forehead.

The beautifully curving horns of micro tiny Highland cows are a distinguishing feature of the Highland breed. Their calm demeanor makes them an excellent choice for families and hobby farmers looking for peaceful companions. Despite their small size, they can live for 15 to 20 years or more with adequate care and attention.

These miniature cows are known for their placid demeanor, which makes them approachable and ideal for petting zoos and educational programs. They flourish in a variety of habitats, demonstrating the endurance and resilience of their larger counterparts, thanks to a natural inclination for foraging and grazing.

Their adaptability as dual-purpose animals capable of producing both milk and beef makes them suitable for smaller-scale farming operations. Micro tiny Highland cows’ compact size is ideal for smaller farms with limited grazing space, and they require less feed, lowering maintenance expenses.

Because of their small size, these lovely little cows are easily carried to shows or exhibitions and grab attention for their rarity and unique traits. Aside from their aesthetic value, they also serve as educational instruments for cattle management and agriculture.

Micro tiny Highland cows are suitable for small-scale farming due to their low environmental effect and low maintenance requirements. Their inquisitive and lively personality endears them to viewers and interactors alike, and they build close attachments with their owners, forming emotional relationships.

Because of their diminutive size, these micro cows pose little health problems and are less likely to cause substantial damage to fences or structures. Furthermore, their cost in comparison to certain rare breeds makes them more accessible to a broader audience of aficionados.

Micro tiny Highland cows are a charming and uncommon breed. They are wonderful companions for families, educational ambassadors, and valuable members of tiny farms due to their compact size, iconic appearance, kind disposition, and adaptability to varied surroundings. The unusual combination of these characteristics continues to attract cattle aficionados and pet owners around the world, fueling their love and adoration for these endearing little cows. Mini Cows For Sale In Ohio

III. Size and Weight of Micro Miniature Highland Cows

Comparison to Standard Highland Cows

The most noticeable difference between tiny miniature Highland cows and their standard-sized counterparts is their size. Micro miniature Highland cows are extremely little, measuring 36 to 42 inches at the withers and weighing 300 to 500 pounds, whereas ordinary Highland cows measure 46 to 48 inches tall and weigh 900 to 1,800 pounds. Because of this significant size difference, micro tiny Highland cows are just a quarter of the size of ordinary Highland cows.

Another obvious distinction is their nutritional requirements. Micro miniature Highland cows have fewer appetites than ordinary Highland cows due to their smaller body size. This economic benefit makes them less expensive to care for and is especially advantageous for individuals with limited land or resources.

Despite their small size, micro miniature Highland cows have many of the same physical characteristics as ordinary Highland cows. They have the same distinguishing characteristics, such as a long, shaggy double coat, a large face with a benign expression, and gently curled horns. Furthermore, their coat colors and patterns match those of their larger counterparts.

Micro miniature Highland cows have the same docile and amiable disposition as ordinary Highland cows, making them perfect for interaction with people of all ages.

In terms of practical use, standard Highland cows are more important in the beef business due to their larger size and higher meat yield. Micro miniature Highland cows, on the other hand, are better suited for small-scale farming, hobby farming, and petting zoos because to their compact size, which makes them easier to manage and handle.

The two breeds’ space requirements differ as well. Micro miniature Highland cows may flourish in smaller locations and require less acreage than standard Highland cows, which require more vast grazing areas and shelter.

The comparison of micro miniature Highland cows to ordinary Highland cows demonstrates the significant size difference and its implications for usability and care. However, both types have the attractive beauty and gentle temperament that have made Highland cattle beloved and cherished by cattle aficionados all over the world. The decision between the two breeds is determined by the demands and tastes of the farmers or individuals looking for these beautiful bovines. Mini Fluffy Cows For Sale

Factors Affecting Size and Growth

Several factors influence the size and growth of cattle, and understanding these influences is critical for farmers and breeders in order to optimize cow development.Genetic Factors: Cattle breeds’ body size and growth rates are determined by their genetic background. Breeds bred for meat production, for example, have larger frames and faster growth than dairy breeds.Nutrition: A well-balanced and nutritious food is needed for maximum cow growth. Proper protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, and mineral intake promotes healthy development.Health and Disease: Health problems and diseases can stymie cattle growth by interfering with nutrient intake and use.

Age and Sex: Growth patterns are influenced by age and gender, with males generally growing larger than girls. Calves grow quickly in their early stages and then slowly as they mature.

Climate and pasture availability have an impact on cattle growth. Better growth rates are aided by favorable conditions with plenty of pasture.Proper handling, housing, health care, access to clean water, and shelter all contribute to healthy growth.

Breeding Strategies: Size and growth characteristics are shaped by selective breeding. Breeders use cautious breeding to improve specific qualities.Stress: Stressful circumstances, such as transportation or weaning, might temporarily impede growth.

As an example, A beef cattle farmer may select breeds with a history of robust growth and efficient feed conversion. The farmer can maximize development potential by giving a balanced food, adequate health care, and proper management. Similarly, a dairy farmer concentrates on young calves’ nutrition and health to ensure they mature into productive milking cows. Breeders can use selective breeding techniques to create offspring with desired growth traits that are customized to market demands or farming aims. Mini Highland Cow For Sale Arizona

IV. Coat Color and Pattern of Micro Miniature Highland Cows

Micro miniature Highland cow coat color and pattern contribute to the charming and diversified attraction of this captivating breed. Despite their small size, these miniature bovines have a variety of coat colors and patterns, making each one a one-of-a-kind and exquisite work of art.

Micro miniature Highland cows have coat hues ranging from classic black to rich crimson to rustic dun and eye-catching brindle patterns. Each color variation adds to the breed’s charm and visual appeal.

Some tiny miniature Highland cows have consistent coat colors, such as jet black or deep red, giving them a striking and elegant appearance that draws attention to the beauty of their silky, shaggy coat.

Brindle-coated micro miniature Highland cows have hypnotic color combinations of brown, black, and white, resulting in aesthetically beautiful and one-of-a-kind displays that resemble works of art in motion.

Micro miniature Highland cows with dun coloring have a blend of brown tones with lighter underbellies, giving them a natural attractiveness.

In addition to the primary coat colors, certain tiny small Highland cows may have spots or patches on their coat, which creates appealing visual contrasts.

Each micro miniature Highland cow has a unique coat color and pattern, allowing them to stand out as one-of-a-kind individuals.

The micro miniature Highland cow breed’s coat color and pattern variability adds to its allure and attraction for cattle enthusiasts and hobby farmers. These little cows draw attention with their appealing appearance and lovable temperament, whether they have full black coats, stunning brindle patterns, or earthy dun colors. Micro miniature Highland cows are a fascinating and appreciated addition to any farm or petting zoo due to their unique coat qualities and small stature. Mini Highland Cows For Sale Texas

V. Micro Miniature Highland Cows as Pets

Considerations for Keeping Micro Miniature Highland Cows as Companion Animals

Keeping micro miniature Highland cows as pets needs careful planning and dedication. While these little bovines make excellent companions, the following criteria should be considered for their well-being:

Even if they are small, make sure they have enough grazing and shelter area.

Micro miniature Highland cows flourish in the company of others, so having at least two is advantageous.

Feed a balanced diet of high-quality hay, grass, and minerals.

Early socialization and careful handling are critical for developing trust.

Zoning: Check local ordinances for limits on cattle ownership.

Lifespan: Expect a long-term commitment because they can live for 20 years or more.

Regular veterinarian check-ups and preventive actions are required.

Be cautious around them, especially if there are youngsters or other pets present.

Waste Management: Handle and dispose of their excrement properly.

Consider the prices of food, healthcare, and other requirements when making financial plans.

Overall, micro miniature Highland cows can be lovely and rewarding pets with adequate care and effort. Their gentle disposition and one-of-a-kind look make them a delightful addition to any loving home.

Legal Considerations and Zoning


When considering keeping micro miniature Highland cows as pets or on a small farm, be aware of local legal considerations and zoning constraints. Because these restrictions can differ, it is critical to investigate and understand local laws in order to avoid any potential difficulties or legal implications.

Zoning laws: Determine whether your area permits livestock ownership and identifies suitable sites for agricultural activity.Property Size Requirements: Check to see if your property fulfills the minimum size requirements for raising cows, as various locations may have different restrictions.

HOAs (Homeowners’ Associations): If your property is subject to a HOA, review their laws on cattle ownership to avoid problems.

Permits and Licenses: Determine whether you need any permits or licenses to raise micro small Highland cows, and ensure that all relevant health and safety inspections are completed.

Animal Welfare Regulations: Become acquainted with your local animal welfare rules in order to provide suitable care and living circumstances for your cows.Waste Management: To avoid environmental difficulties, address waste management considerations such as proper manure disposal.Distance from Neighbors: To avoid problems, be aware of legislation governing the vicinity of cows to neighboring properties.Consider appropriate insurance coverage to defend against potential accidents or injuries caused by your cows.Noise Regulations:Be aware of noise regulations, particularly in residential areas, as cows can emit sounds that are subject to municipal regulations.

Environmental Impact: Consider the environmental impact of cow raising and practice proper land and resource management.

Seek advice from local authorities or legal specialists to ensure that all applicable rules and regulations are followed. Being proactive and knowledgeable about legal issues will help to establish a favorable and legal environment for maintaining micro miniature Highland cows. Mini Highland Cow For Sale In Pa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Miniature size Highland cows are a miniature version of the Highland cattle breed. They retain the Highland cattle's distinguishing characteristics, such as their long, shaggy coats and magnificent horns, but have been deliberately bred to be smaller in stature.

On average, Micro Miniature Highland cows stand around 36 to 42 inches tall at the shoulder, making them significantly smaller than standard Highland cattle.

Owning Micro Miniature Highland cows has various advantages. They require less area and feed than larger cattle breeds due to their tiny size. They are also noted for their calm demeanor and ease of handling, which makes them ideal for small farms or hobby farms.

You can find Micro Miniature Highland cows for sale through various channels. Check online livestock marketplaces, specialized cattle breeders' websites, or contact local breeders and farms that focus on Highland cattle breeding.

The cost of Micro Miniature Highland cows can vary depending on factors such as age, pedigree, conformation, and overall quality. On average, prices may range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more per cow.

Yes, Micro Miniature Highland cows can be suitable for beginners, especially those with limited space or experience in handling larger cattle breeds. They are generally docile and manageable, making them a good choice for first-time cattle owners.

Miniature size Highland cows require the same care as other types of cattle. They require clean water, high-quality feed or hay, and adequate shelter. Regular health checks, immunizations, and parasite management are all necessary for their survival.

Yes, Micro Miniature Highland cows can be kept alongside other cattle if given appropriate space and socialization. They get along well with other farm animals such as sheep, goats, and horses.

Miniature size Highland cows, like their larger relatives, can live for up to 15-20 years or more if properly cared for and managed.

While Micro Miniature Highland cows are smaller than ordinary Highland cattle, they still require strong fencing to keep them contained and safe. Fencing should be strong enough to prevent escape and keep potential predators out.

Micro Miniature Highland Cows For Sale
Micro Miniature Highland Cows For Sale
Micro Miniature Highland Cows
Micro Miniature Highland