Mini Cows For Sale In Georgia

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If you want to buy a cow from our website you need to click on the Place order button that is found below the cow you are interested in. This will take you to our order page where you are to place the order. On our order page you will state the name of the cow you are interested in and the specifications that you need from that cow. Once the order form is filled, you can click on the submit form button and you wait for a response from a member of our team. Within an hour after you place your order, a team member will contact you and you discuss the price, logistics and payment options for the cow(s) you want to order. Once this is done, the cows are sent to your address and your order is complete. 

Available Cattle For Sale

Dexter Mini Cow

Tippy  | Available

Height: 33 1/2 inches Age ;6 months Breed: 100% highland Chondro Status: Positive Miss Tippy Tail is hands down the sweetest cow in the pasture. She loves to get nose to nose and get a neck rub. She’s more dog than cow most days. Tippy is Chondro positive meaning she carries the dwarf gene. This little girl should never reach 40 inches.

Dexter Mini Cow

Monty | Available

Monty is a micro mini Highpark bull. This little guy is small! You can cross him on a Highland or Highpark heifer and get the coloring and hair everybody loves. He is such a cutie ! I just love his black ears and black nose! 😍 The one thing this guy loves is a good nap …I mean who doesn’t ! It’s nothing to see him out in the pasture snoozing and somebody else comes over and always interrupts wanting to play with him ♥️

Dexter Mini Cow

Campbell | Available

Meet Campbell!! He’s 4 months old micro mini cow. He is so cute, spunky, fluffy, and so much personality! His name is also special. Highland Cows originated in Scotland. My late Grandmother was born and raised there. Her maiden name was Campbell and I thought this was the perfect way to honor her and the heritage. I want to make sure he goes to a very good and comfortable home.


21 Charolais Cross Bred Cows | Available

Herd of Charolais cross Bred cows, 3-7 years old, 2nd-3rd period. Cows have had: Synanthic Oral Dewormer Vira Shield 6VL5 Bimectin Pour on Cows are on purina mineral and will follow a feed truck. Hauling Available All cows will be aged and pregged by vet before delivery.


3 Bulls for Sale | Available

We have 3 bulls for sale. All range from 8 months to 1.5 years old. We were saving them to keep one for ourselves but went a different route and havnt had time to run them to the sale barn. If your interested please message me! 8 month old is a Brahman/ Simmental cross 1 year old is a Shorthorn/ Simmental cross 1.5 year old is a Simmental cross All 3 are really stocky and ready to go.


Gray Heifers | Available

We have a nice set of 6 registered gray heifers available. These girls are dehorned, branded, fully vaccinated, and ready to go. They are gentle and will be super efficient in years to come. These heifers are backed by some of the best genetics in the Brahman breed.


Brahman Heifers | Available

Gentle Set of Brahman Heifers Weigh 400-750 lbs. aged 1 year 2 months to 3years. 5 bull and 7 heifers from different bloodline. They are all in good health and can be used for breeding, milking and beef production. They are very easy to manage due to their small size and low consumption compared to the normal cow

Mini Cows

Two Hereford Bulls | Available

I have two Hereford bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 12 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes


Creek Hans | Available

Creek Hans ready for his own herd! 10 months old. Grandson to Rio Brice. Dam is gorgeous. 22” @ birth, 36.5” @ 10 months. Hetro polled, herd tested annually and he will test before leaving.

Mini Cows

Belfair Bull | Available

MINIATURE Belfair bull SLC, UT Born 11/29/22 Dam raised Dam is a mid size dexter and sire is a true miniature Jersey (39in) A2A2 Beta Milk Protein Heterozygous polled He’s red and carries one dun gene Negative for both Dexter Bulldog mutations Negative for PHA mutation

Mini Cows

Dexter Bulls | Available

I have two Dexter bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 5 and 7 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes

I. Introduction to Mini Cows In Georgia

Definition and Characteristics

Mini cows for sale in Georgia are defined by a fascinating combination of compact stature, docile disposition, and flexible function. Mini cows, often known as tiny cattle, are intentionally selected to retain their small stature while retaining beneficial qualities seen in full-sized cattle. These little bovines are typically one-third to half the size of standard cow varieties. Dexter mini cows, a popular breed in Georgia, for example, stand only 36 to 44 inches tall at the shoulder. Despite their small size, mini cows are remarkably adaptable to Georgia’s changing climate, making them suitable for both hot summers and milder winters.

Mini cows have a soft and loving disposition that belies their small size, making them excellent for new farmers or families looking for docile animal friends. Because of their manageable size, they require less feed and space, making them suitable for smaller properties. Furthermore, in breeds such as the Jersey miniature, these little cows frequently preserve desirable features of their larger counterparts, such as milk output. In conclusion, the definition and qualities of mini cows in Georgia encompass a compelling blend of size, temperament, and practicality, making them a sought-after alternative for both rural aficionados and those looking for a one-of-a-kind petting farm experience. Dexter Mini Cow For Sale

Rising Popularity as Pets and Livestock

The increasing popularity of miniature cows as pets and livestock represents a fundamental shift in modern agricultural and animal husbandry techniques. Mini cows have emerged as adaptable and appealing possibilities as urban and suburban regions embrace sustainable living and hobby farming. In the context of pets, their small stature and gentle disposition not only make them endearing companions but also manageable for people with little space. Families are finding satisfaction in maintaining little cows for their children to learn about responsibility and animal care, similar to miniature Herefords, who have gained popularity for their friendly demeanor. Simultaneously, these miniatures have found their way into livestock operations, particularly in Georgia’s farming landscape, where their small stature translates to lower feed costs and greater space efficiency. Dexter micro cows, for example, have gained popularity as dual-purpose livestock, supplying both meat and milk for households or small-scale dairies. This rising acceptance of tiny cows as versatile, space-saving solutions for both pet aficionados and practical farmers underpins their growing popularity in a variety of contexts. Fluffy Cows For Sale

Mini Cows in Georgia: Unique Traits and Demand

Mini cows in Georgia have a captivating array of distinct characteristics that have led to a surge in demand in the state’s agricultural landscape. Georgia’s mild climate and diversified terrain complement the adaptability of mini cows, making them an excellent choice for both rural and suburban settings. Their reduced stature reduces the requirement for considerable grazing pasture while also allowing for more efficient use of limited territory. This is especially beneficial for Georgia’s smaller farms, where typical larger cow breeds may provide difficulties. Mini cows have also demonstrated excellent resistance to local climatic conditions such as heat and humidity. Mini cows are in high demand in Georgia due to their practical benefits as well as their appealing traits. With its characteristic white face and stocky physique, the tiny Hereford has become a popular breed among people seeking both aesthetic appeal and efficient meat production. As these characteristics match the desires of Georgia’s farmers and landowners, demand for micro cows continues to rise, contributing to the state’s dynamic and growing agricultural sector. Micro Miniature Highland Cows For Sale

II. Breeds of Mini Cows

Highlighting Different Mini Cow Breeds


The Dexter, a charming and small breed, is a popular mini-cow breed, attracting attention for its distinct traits and flexible usage. The Dexter tiny cows, which originated in Ireland, have earned popularity not only for their small stature but also for their multifarious contributions. Dexters, who stand between 36 and 44 inches tall, have a distinct dual-purpose personality. These miniature cows are admired for their efficient meat and milk production, making them a viable option for small-scale farming ventures in places like Georgia. Dexters are perfect for both rookie farmers and families looking for a loving animal companion due to their kind nature and manageable stature. Their tolerance to a variety of climates, combined with their ability to efficiently graze on grass, aligns well with sustainable farming approaches. Dexters have built a niche for themselves in Georgia’s agrarian landscape by producing not only lean meat but also high-quality milk, making them a breed of choice for individuals seeking self-sufficiency and a touch of rural charm. Mini Cows For Sale Florida

Mini Hereford

The Mini Hereford breed is a gripping example of how traditional cattle may be selectively bred for smaller sizes without sacrificing key qualities. The Mini Hereford, descended from the legendary Hereford cattle, has the distinguishing white face and characteristic red coat, embodying the appeal of its larger cousin. These mini cows, which range in size from 36 to 42 inches, are a tenth of the size of ordinary Herefords, making them suited for a variety of situations. Their small stature does not restrict their ability to produce beef; in fact, Mini Herefords are a suitable alternative for smaller farms and homesteads when space is limited. These little cows are praised for their calm demeanor, making them ideal for families and first-time cattle managers. Their smaller frame also means less feed use, which adds to their appeal for sustainable farming. In areas where small-scale agriculture is encouraged, such as Georgia, the Mini Hereford has found a niche, brilliantly merging nostalgia with pragmatism in the aim of efficient meat production and a touch of rustic beauty. Mini Cows For Sale In Georgia

Panda Cow

The Panda Cow, an enthralling and physically stunning breed, has gained popularity because to its distinct coat pattern that mimics that of a panda bear. This uncommon and endearing micro cow breed was created through meticulous breeding, mixing the genetic features of traditional cattle breeds to acquire its distinctive black and white coloring. Panda Cows have a petite yet sturdy frame that lends itself nicely to small-scale farming and pet keeping, standing at a diminutive height of roughly 36 to 42 inches. Because of its eye-catching appearance, this species has become a favorite among enthusiasts and amateurs looking for not only a functioning animal but also a discussion starter. While the Panda Cow is largely admired for its appearance, it is also known for its peaceful and friendly disposition, making it excellent for both families and animal enthusiasts. The Panda Cow, as a novelty breed, shows the ingenuity and diversity within the field of small cows, providing a sense of surprise and personality to farms and properties, particularly those in Georgia’s agricultural terrain. Mini Cows For Sale In Indiana

Jersey Miniature

The Jersey Miniature breed, a compelling offshoot of the well-known Jersey cattle, has gained popularity due to its small stature and remarkable milk production qualities. The Jersey Miniature, whose origins may be traced back to the Channel Islands, retains the larger counterpart’s characteristic caramel-colored coat and kind eyes. These small cows, which are 36 to 40 inches tall on average, are regarded for their ability to produce high-quality milk with a high butterfat content, similar to typical Jerseys. This makes them a viable option for small-scale dairies or families seeking self-sufficiency in milk supply. Jersey Miniatures’ placid disposition makes them an appealing breed for both novice dairy aficionados and youth interested in animal care. Because of its small stature, this breed requires less feed, making it ideal for homesteads or urban environments with limited grazing space. The Jersey Miniature illustrates a harmonious blend of functionality and charm in regions such as Georgia, where local produce is prized, making it a valuable addition to the agricultural tapestry. Mini Cows For Sale In Ohio

Suitability for Georgia’s Climate and Landscape

Mini cows’ exceptional adaptability and practical advantages demonstrate their suitability for Georgia’s climate and geography. Georgia’s varied climate, which ranges from hot and humid summers to cooler winters, presents few obstacles for mini cows, which have been specifically selected to flourish in a variety of environments. Breeds such as the Dexter and Lowline Angus, for example, have characteristics that make them well-suited to the state’s changing weather. Their smaller size aids in temperature regulation, and their hardiness allows them to graze well in both pasture and managed forage environments. Furthermore, the small size of micro cows is ideal for Georgia’s smaller farms where room is limited. Mini cows’ agility and ease of movement contribute to their adaptability in locations such as North Georgia’s steep terrain or the southern coastal plains. Because of their ability to rapidly convert fodder into meat or milk, they are environmentally good choices for sustainable farming practices that are consistent with Georgia’s agricultural heritage. Mini Fluffy Cows For Sale

III. Mini Cattle Farming Regulations in Georgia

Zoning and Land Use Regulations

Navigating Georgia’s zoning and land use restrictions is critical for anyone interested in maintaining tiny cows. Different counties and municipalities in Georgia may have different rules and laws concerning animal ownership and agricultural operations. It is critical to check local zoning rules to see if micro cow farming is permissible on the proposed property. Some localities, for example, may have minimum acreage requirements for keeping animals. Setbacks from property lines and nearby homes may also be required to address issues such as noise and odor. A county, for example, may require a minimum of 2 acres for cattle keeping and a distance of at least 100 feet from neighbouring properties. Familiarizing oneself with these restrictions might help to avoid potential disagreements with neighbors as well as legal problems. Engaging with local agricultural extension services or zoning offices can provide vital advice in understanding and adhering to these requirements, ensuring that mini cow owners in Georgia have a pleasant and compliant experience. Mini Hereford Cow For Sale

Health and Veterinary Requirements

Following health and veterinary standards is critical in the appropriate care of tiny cows. Regular veterinarian care ensures these animals’ overall well-being and aids in illness prevention. In Georgia, mini cow owners must work with licensed veterinarians to develop immunization schedules, parasite control programs, and routine health check-ups. A comprehensive health program, for example, would include immunizations against diseases such as bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) and clostridial infections. In order to minimize infestations that can harm growth and yield, parasite management is critical, especially in Georgia’s warm and humid climate. In addition, owners should keep accurate health records to document immunizations, treatments, and any health concerns. A proactive strategy, including good diet, clean water, and appropriate shelter, contributes to mini cow longevity and resilience. Compliance with health and veterinary criteria displays a commitment to animal care and contributes to a healthy and disease-free environment for both the animals and the greater Georgia agricultural community. Mini Highland Cow For Sale

Importing and Exporting Mini Cows

Importing and exporting mini cows entails a number of complex procedures and considerations to ensure the animals’ well-being and compliance with regulations. To avoid the introduction of diseases, it is critical to follow state and federal requirements while importing small cows into Georgia. Individuals, for example, may be required to submit health certificates and confirmation of vaccinations for imported animals. To check the health of the entering cows, quarantine periods may be required. Exporting mini cows from Georgia to other states or countries, on the other hand, necessitates a full awareness of destination-specific requirements. Some places, for example, may have severe health testing requirements. To reduce stress during transit, proper transportation arrangements, including appropriate trailers and comfortable circumstances, are essential. Working with animal transporters and veterinarians who are familiar with export restrictions assures a seamless and ethical process that prioritizes the welfare of the mini cows throughout their voyage. Mini Highland Cow For Sale Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mini Highland Cows can be shown in livestock exhibitions, agricultural shows, and other events. They often attract attention and interest due to their unique appearance, and participating in shows can be a rewarding experience for both owners and spectators.

Mini Highland Cows have similar care requirements to other cattle breeds. They need access to fresh water, good-quality forage or pasture, and appropriate shelter. Regular veterinary care, vaccinations, deworming, and hoof trimming are also important to ensure their well-being.

While mini cows don't need exceptionally strong fencing like larger cattle, they still require secure fencing to keep them contained. Fencing should be at least 4 to 5 feet tall and made of sturdy materials like wood or metal.

Mini cows generally require less space compared to standard-sized cattle. They can do well on small-acreage farms, typically needing around 1 to 2 acres per cow for grazing, but the more space, the better for their overall well-being.

Some mini cow breeds, like the Dexter, can be good for milk production, providing a smaller quantity of milk with higher butterfat content. However, if milk production is a primary goal, other standard-sized dairy breeds might be more suitable.

Yes, many mini cow owners keep them as pets due to their gentle nature and small size. They can form bonds with their owners and be trained to be handled and led on a halter.

Mini cows require similar care to standard-sized cattle, including regular feeding, access to clean water, vaccinations, parasite control, and shelter. They also need social interaction and should have access to pasture or grazing areas.

Before buying a mini cow, consider the following factors: Space and grazing requirements: Ensure you have enough pasture or grazing land to support the cow's needs. Zoning and local regulations: Check if there are any restrictions on keeping livestock in your area. Purpose: Determine if you want the cow for milk, beef, or as a pet, as different breeds have different strengths. Health and veterinary care: Be prepared to provide regular veterinary care and vaccinations. Shelter and facilities: Provide a suitable shelter and safe environment for the cow.

The price of mini cows can vary widely depending on factors such as breed, age, gender, and overall quality. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for a mini cow in Georgia.

Some popular mini cow breeds that you might find for sale in Georgia include: Miniature Hereford: A smaller version of the traditional Hereford breed. Dexter: An Irish breed known for its compact size and dual-purpose qualities (milk and beef). Lowline Angus: A smaller version of the Angus breed, bred for beef production.