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Mini Cows For Sale In Ohio

How To Buy A Mini Cow From Us

If you want to buy a cow from our website you need to click on the Place order button that is found below the cow you are interested in. This will take you to our order page where you are to place the order. On our order page you will state the name of the cow you are interested in and the specifications that you need from that cow. Once the order form is filled, you can click on the submit form button and you wait for a response from a member of our team. Within an hour after you place your order, a team member will contact you and you discuss the price, logistics and payment options for the cow(s) you want to order. Once this is done, the cows are sent to your address and your order is complete. 

Available Cattle For Sale

Dexter Mini Cow

Tippy  | Available

Height: 33 1/2 inches Age ;6 months Breed: 100% highland Chondro Status: Positive Miss Tippy Tail is hands down the sweetest cow in the pasture. She loves to get nose to nose and get a neck rub. She’s more dog than cow most days. Tippy is Chondro positive meaning she carries the dwarf gene. This little girl should never reach 40 inches.

Dexter Mini Cow

Monty | Available

Monty is a micro mini Highpark bull. This little guy is small! You can cross him on a Highland or Highpark heifer and get the coloring and hair everybody loves. He is such a cutie ! I just love his black ears and black nose! 😍 The one thing this guy loves is a good nap …I mean who doesn’t ! It’s nothing to see him out in the pasture snoozing and somebody else comes over and always interrupts wanting to play with him ♥️

Dexter Mini Cow

Campbell | Available

Meet Campbell!! He’s 4 months old micro mini cow. He is so cute, spunky, fluffy, and so much personality! His name is also special. Highland Cows originated in Scotland. My late Grandmother was born and raised there. Her maiden name was Campbell and I thought this was the perfect way to honor her and the heritage. I want to make sure he goes to a very good and comfortable home.


21 Charolais Cross Bred Cows | Available

Herd of Charolais cross Bred cows, 3-7 years old, 2nd-3rd period. Cows have had: Synanthic Oral Dewormer Vira Shield 6VL5 Bimectin Pour on Cows are on purina mineral and will follow a feed truck. Hauling Available All cows will be aged and pregged by vet before delivery.


3 Bulls for Sale | Available

We have 3 bulls for sale. All range from 8 months to 1.5 years old. We were saving them to keep one for ourselves but went a different route and havnt had time to run them to the sale barn. If your interested please message me! 8 month old is a Brahman/ Simmental cross 1 year old is a Shorthorn/ Simmental cross 1.5 year old is a Simmental cross All 3 are really stocky and ready to go.


Gray Heifers | Available

We have a nice set of 6 registered gray heifers available. These girls are dehorned, branded, fully vaccinated, and ready to go. They are gentle and will be super efficient in years to come. These heifers are backed by some of the best genetics in the Brahman breed.


Brahman Heifers | Available

Gentle Set of Brahman Heifers Weigh 400-750 lbs. aged 1 year 2 months to 3years. 5 bull and 7 heifers from different bloodline. They are all in good health and can be used for breeding, milking and beef production. They are very easy to manage due to their small size and low consumption compared to the normal cow

Mini Cows

Two Hereford Bulls | Available

I have two Hereford bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 12 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes


Creek Hans | Available

Creek Hans ready for his own herd! 10 months old. Grandson to Rio Brice. Dam is gorgeous. 22” @ birth, 36.5” @ 10 months. Hetro polled, herd tested annually and he will test before leaving.

Mini Cows

Belfair Bull | Available

MINIATURE Belfair bull SLC, UT Born 11/29/22 Dam raised Dam is a mid size dexter and sire is a true miniature Jersey (39in) A2A2 Beta Milk Protein Heterozygous polled He’s red and carries one dun gene Negative for both Dexter Bulldog mutations Negative for PHA mutation

Mini Cows

Dexter Bulls | Available

I have two Dexter bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 5 and 7 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes

I. Introduction to Mini Cows For Sale In Ohio

Definition and Characteristics

The description and characteristics of tiny cows for sale in Ohio include a fascinating array of qualities that distinguish them from their larger bovine counterparts. Mini cows, sometimes known as tiny cattle, are intentionally bred to remain small, often standing 36 to 42 inches tall at the shoulder. Despite their diminutive stature, these cattle have all of the characteristics of full-sized cows, including different coat colors and patterns such as black, white, brown, and even spotted coats. Due to their adaptability to the state’s climate, breeds such as Dexter, Miniature Hereford, and Lowline Angus are widespread in Ohio. Mini cows, despite their small size, have the same kind and docile temperament as ordinary cattle, making them ideal for hobby farming, petting zoos, and even therapeutic interactions. Their tiny size allows for optimal land utilization, making them an excellent alternative for small-scale farming enterprises. These distinguishing traits contribute to the allure of tiny cows as appealing and functional complements to Ohio’s agricultural landscape. Dexter Mini Cow For Sale

Growing Popularity as Pets

The growing popularity of small cows as pets represents a significant shift in pet tastes, as more people around the country, including Ohio, are adopting these adorable bovines as friends. This is due to their small stature, pleasant nature, and adaptability to human interaction. Miniature cows, such as the Miniature Jersey and Miniature Highland, have grown in popularity among families looking for distinctive and interesting pets. Their gentle temperament makes them ideal for households with children, and their propensity to build strong attachments with people frequently results in rewarding relationships. In Ohio, for example, families are increasingly adopting small cows to give an educational experience for their children while also instilling a feeling of responsibility in them. Furthermore, because they require less feed and space than traditional livestock, they are viable solutions for those with limited land. As these small marvels continue to captivate hearts, their increasing popularity as pets reflects a modern preference for peaceful living with a range of animal partners. Fluffy Cows For Sale

Mini Cows as Livestock

Mini cows are becoming popular not only as adorable pets but also as lucrative livestock in a variety of agricultural areas, including Ohio. Because of their small size and effective resource usage, these miniature bovines contribute to sustainable farming practices. Small-scale farmers, for example, can rear breeds such as the Lowline Angus or Miniature Hereford to produce high-quality meat while using less acreage and feed than larger cattle breeds. Mini cows are especially good at land management since their light weight helps protect pasture health and prevents overgrazing. In Ohio’s diverse agricultural terrain, these compact animals can contribute to the state’s food security by producing lean beef for local markets. Mini cows’ flexibility extends to dairy production, with varieties such as the Miniature Jersey offering a modest but consistent supply of milk for households or artisanal products. Mini cows are developing as a viable and efficient livestock choice that corresponds with modern farming practices in Ohio as the concept of sustainable and localized agriculture gets traction. Fluffy Teacup Mini Cow

II. Mini Cows Breeds Suitable for Ohio

Breeds Ideal for Ohio’s Climate

Choosing mini cow breeds that are suitable for Ohio’s climate entails taking into account a variety of elements to assure their health and well-being throughout the seasons. Because of their resilience to both harsh winters and hot summers, breeds like the Miniature Hereford are well-suited for Ohio’s climate. These cows have a thicker double coat that provides insulation during the colder months while also shedding in the summer to manage heat. The Dexter, which originated in Ireland and has a sturdy disposition well-suited to changeable weather conditions, is another suitable breed. The Lowline Angus, created in Australia, is also a great contender for Ohio’s climate, with a reputation for adaptability in a variety of conditions. Because these varieties can graze easily and maintain their overall health in Ohio’s weather, they are a sensible choice for small cow aficionados and farmers alike in the region. Full Grown Mini Cows

Considerations for Size and Maintenance

When it comes to mini cows, thoughtful considerations for their size and upkeep are critical to ensuring a peaceful and successful ownership experience. Mini cows, which reach 36 to 42 inches tall, require less area than larger cows, making them ideal for small holdings and hobby farms. A Miniature Jersey, for example, can flourish in regions with minimal grazing. Understanding their special nutritional demands is vital for maintenance; while tiny cows consume less than ordinary cattle, their diet must nevertheless offer essential nutrients. A consultation with a livestock nutritionist can help owners create a balanced diet for their animals. Furthermore, their small size makes them easier to handle, but suitable fencing and secure enclosures are required to prevent escapes and assure their safety. Similar to larger cows, regular health checks, immunizations, and parasite treatment are required to ensure their well-being. Prospective mini cow owners in diverse contexts, such as Ohio, can assure a pleasant and meaningful experience by carefully examining size-related elements and planning for necessary care. Micro Miniature Highland Cows For Sale

III. Benefits of Mini Cows

Space Efficiency

Mini cows have a significant benefit in terms of space efficiency in agricultural and domestic settings. Their small size enables for efficient land utilization, making them an excellent choice for individuals with limited property. A small-scale Ohio farmer, for example, can accommodate numerous micro cows on the same ground that just one or two standard-sized cattle would fit. Mini cows necessitate smaller shelters and feeding spaces, resulting in lower construction and maintenance expenses. Furthermore, their size reduces soil compaction, preserving the health of the ground. This is especially important in Ohio, where a variety of farming activities take place. Mini cows’ small size not only maximizes output but also coincides with sustainable land management practices, contributing to the overall environmental and economic well-being of the region’s farms and homesteads. Mini Cows For Sale Florida

Low Feed and Maintenance Costs

Mini cows are an appealing choice for farmers and hobbyists in Ohio due to their low feed and care requirements. Mini cows consume substantially less feed than their larger counterparts due to their tiny stature. A Miniature Highland cow, for example, consumes around half the quantity of feed as a full-sized Highland cow. This decrease in feed prices immediately translates to more cost-effective livestock management. Furthermore, their small size makes handling and healthcare operations easier and less time-consuming. Because of their small, veterinary expenses such as immunizations and treatments are often minimal. Their smaller shelters also necessitate fewer materials and maintenance efforts, resulting in lower overhead costs. As Ohioans pursue sustainable farming and cost-effective approaches, micro cows’ minimal feed and maintenance costs make them a financially sound choice, whether for meat or dairy production or as companions on a hobby farm. Mini Cows For Sale In Georgia

IV. Preparing for Mini Cow Ownership

Zoning Regulations and Permits

Navigating zoning restrictions and securing appropriate licenses is an important first step for anyone interested in raising small cows in Ohio. Zoning restrictions differ by area and frequently govern whether animals, including tiny cows, are permitted on a property. For example, restrictions on cattle ownership may exist in urban areas due to space and noise concerns, but rural areas may have more permissive rules. Prospective mini-cow owners should contact their local zoning authority to learn more about the laws that relate to their unique property. Furthermore, even on estates where livestock is permitted, licenses may be necessary. These permits could include inspections of facilities to ensure that they meet animal and community safety and health standards. When beginning mini cow ownership in Ohio, it’s critical to follow these restrictions and obtain the proper permissions to avoid legal complications and keep positive relationships with neighbors and local authorities. Mini Cows For Sale In Indiana

Suitable Shelter and Fencing

When considering mini cow ownership in Ohio, it is critical to provide enough shelter and fence. Miniature cows require refuge from adverse weather conditions such as winter cold and summer heat. A strong three-sided shed with adequate ventilation is frequently recommended, allowing them to seek refuge when necessary. Furthermore, the shelter should be large enough to handle the number of mini cows and constructed to keep drafts and wetness out. Fencing should be robust and secure in order to safely enclose the animals. Fencing height should be determined by the breed; for small cows, a 4- to 5-foot-high fence is usually suitable. Post-and-rail or woven wire fencing works effectively to keep them from becoming entangled or escaping. Electric fencing can also be used in conjunction with other methods to deter them from pushing against the fence. Ensuring sufficient shelter and fencing coincides with responsible ownership, protecting the mini cows’ well-being and keeping a secure habitat in Ohio’s changing weather conditions. Mini Cows For Sale In Ohio

Feeding and Nutrition Requirements

Understanding micro cow feeding and nutrition needs is critical for their overall health and well-being in Ohio. While they consume less than larger cattle, their diet should be balanced and adapted to their unique requirements. The foundation of their diet is a combination of high-quality feed, such as hay and pasture. To ensure necessary nutrients are received, owners may supplement with grains or prepared diets. A Miniature Jersey, for example, may require 1-2% of its body weight in forage per day, in addition to minerals and vitamins. It is critical to monitor their bodily health and adapt their diet properly, especially during the winter months when they may require extra calories to retain body heat. Access to safe drinking water is also unavoidable. Working with a livestock nutritionist can assist in developing a feeding plan that is appropriate for the breed and the environment of Ohio, optimizing their health and performance whether they are raised for meat, milk, or companionship. Mini Fluffy Cows For Sale

V. Finding Mini Cows for Sale in Ohio

Local Farms and Breeders

Exploring local farms and breeders is a wise option when looking for small cows for sale in Ohio. Local sources provide various benefits, including the ability to physically visit the facilities, engage with the animals, and establish direct contact with the breeders. Potential purchasers can judge the animals’ health, temperament, and living conditions through this hands-on experience. Visiting a Miniature Hereford breeder’s farm in Ohio, for example, allows you to observe the animals’ interaction with the environment and assess their suitability for your intended purpose, whether as pets or livestock. Furthermore, buying from local breeders typically benefits the local economy and promotes appropriate breeding techniques. Individuals can make informed decisions, receive useful information customized to Ohio’s climate, and potentially build a long-term connection with experienced breeders for continued assistance by engaging with local mini cow breeders and farms. Mini Hereford Cow For Sale

Mini Cow Adoption Centers

little cow adoption centers in Ohio offer a compassionate alternative to purchasing little cows. These facilities frequently partner with rescue organizations to ensure that mini cows in need of homes get loving homes. Adoption centers provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to provide a forever home to animals that have been neglected or abandoned. For example, in Ohio, “Bovine Rescue and Sanctuary” specialized on rescuing and rehabilitating tiny cows, allowing people to adopt animals who have been given a second opportunity at a happy life. Adopting from such centers not only provides a home for animals in need, but it also promotes ethical behavior among the mini cow community. Prospective adopters can visit the centers, interact with the cows, and make an informed decision based on the temperament and particular needs of the animal. Adopting a small cow demonstrates a commitment to animal welfare and adds a touching layer to livestock ownership in Ohio. Mini Highland Cow For Sale

VI. Evaluating Mini Cows

Health and Veterinary Checks

Prioritizing health and having frequent veterinarian examinations are essential components of good small cow management in Ohio. A solid collaboration with a skilled livestock veterinarian assures the animals’ well-being. Mini cows should have regular health checks, including vaccines, deworming, and dental treatment. Scheduling an annual check-up for your Miniature Highland, for example, not only prevents potential health concerns but also enables for early diagnosis of any difficulties. Furthermore, particular breeds, like as the Miniature Hereford, may be prone to certain health issues that necessitate specialist care. Regular veterinary checkups also allow for nutritional analyses, ensuring that the animals are fed a well-balanced diet that matches their specific demands. Mini cow owners in Ohio can offer their animals with a long, healthy life and reduce any dangers that could damage both the cows’ and the owners’ well-being by fostering a proactive approach to health and veterinary care. Mini Highland Cow For Sale Arizona

Age Considerations

In Ohio, age concerns are critical in the acquisition and management of micro cows. The age of the animal is an important consideration when purchasing small cows. Calves, for example, require special attention and care, frequently necessitating bottle feeding and a gradual introduction to solid foods. Older mini cows, on the other hand, may be more acclimated to human interaction, making them ideal for families looking for quick companionship. Furthermore, age influences breeding decisions since heifers (young female cows) require a different strategy to calving and reproductive management than mature cows. It’s also crucial to examine tiny cow longevity; while they live longer than standard-sized cattle, age-related health issues may occur. Adapting care routines and healthcare procedures to the individual needs of mini cows at different phases of life is critical to guaranteeing their well-being on an Ohio farm or property. Mini Highland Cow For Sale In Pa

VII. Cost Considerations

Initial Purchase Price

When considering mini cow ownership in Ohio, the initial purchase price is a critical financial issue. The price of a mini cow can vary substantially depending on criteria such as breed, age, gender, bloodline, and even color patterns. A registered Miniature Hereford calf with desirable bloodlines, for example, may attract a greater price than an unregistered calf. Prices might range between a few hundred and several thousand dollars. Furthermore, considerations such as the breeder’s reputation and the cow’s intended function (pet, exhibition, breeding, or slaughter) influence pricing. Prospective owners should be wary of pricing that appear to be too good to be true, as they may suggest poor breeding procedures or health problems. Budgeting not only for the first purchase but also for ongoing care and maintenance is critical. Prospective purchasers in Ohio can make informed judgments that are in line with their budget and aspirations by researching breed-specific price ranges and speaking with respected breeders or specialists. Mini Highland Cow For Sale Nc

Ongoing Expenses (Feed, Healthcare, etc.)

When considering mini cow ownership in Ohio, consider the ongoing expenses, which include numerous financial responsibilities beyond the original purchase. Feed, veterinarian care, shelter maintenance, and general upkeep are all covered by these fees. A Miniature Jersey, for example, could require 15-20 pounds of hay per day, with additional costs such as grain supplementation, mineral supplements, and occasional treats. Routine veterinary appointments for vaccines, deworming, and health checks help the cows’ well-being, but unexpected medical costs should also be considered. Bedding, repairs, and ensuring sufficient ventilation are all part of shelter upkeep. Furthermore, tiny cows require fresh water every day, and fence may need to be repaired on occasion to maintain their safety. Accounting for these ongoing costs is critical to ensuring the animals’ continued health and comfort, as well as to maintaining appropriate ownership practices in the Ohio mini cow community. here

VIII. Transporting Your Mini Cow

Safe Transportation Methods

When transporting mini cows in Ohio, safe transportation methods are critical for guaranteeing their well-being and reducing stress during travel. Proper transportation starts with selecting a well-maintained trailer with enough space and ventilation. A Miniature Hereford calf, for example, requires a trailer with rubber matting for grip and cushioning when traveling. Prior to loading, the mini cow should become familiar with the trailer by spending small periods of time inside. Secure dividers keep the animal from moving during transportation. Ample bedding absorbs shock and gives comfort. Stops for drink and relaxation should be planned, especially on lengthy rides. Regular breaks to supply water and check on the animal’s wellbeing, for example, are critical when travelling a Miniature Jersey to a show. A stress-free ride is made possible by calm driving, minimizing unexpected movements, and maintaining a consistent temperature within the trailer. Mini cow owners in Ohio may guarantee their animals arrive in optimal condition, ready to adapt to their new habitat, by following safe shipping techniques.

 Minimizing Stress during Travel

When transporting mini cows in Ohio, minimizing stress during travel is critical because it directly effects their well-being and subsequent adaptability to new settings. Preparing the small cow for travel entails acclimating it to the trailer gradually by allowing it to explore and even offering feed inside. Ample space within the trailer is essential for the animal to stand comfortably and avoid excessive confinement. Providing adequate ventilation aids with temperature regulation and anxiety reduction. When carrying a Miniature Highland, for example, efficient airflow reduces scorching during summer travel. Limiting journey time and integrating rest stops to provide water and assess the cow’s condition reduces stress. Gentle driving techniques, such as avoiding sharp corners or rapid stops, reduce needless jarring. Offering a calm, secure room for the mini cow to rest and recover from the travel upon arrival facilitates an easier adjustment. Mini cow owners in Ohio prioritize the animals’ wellbeing by following these precise measures, laying the groundwork for a smooth introduction to their new surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mini Highland Cows can be shown in livestock exhibitions, agricultural shows, and other events. They often attract attention and interest due to their unique appearance, and participating in shows can be a rewarding experience for both owners and spectators.

Mini Highland Cows have similar care requirements to other cattle breeds. They need access to fresh water, good-quality forage or pasture, and appropriate shelter. Regular veterinary care, vaccinations, deworming, and hoof trimming are also important to ensure their well-being.

Mini cows can be contained with standard cattle fencing or sturdy electric fencing. Ensuring the fence is secure and appropriately sized for their smaller stature will prevent them from escaping.

Mini cows have a similar lifespan to regular cattle, which is typically around 15 to 20 years, depending on their health and care.

Yes, mini cows can be used for both milk and meat production, although their smaller size means they will yield less meat and milk compared to standard-sized cattle. Some mini cow breeds are specifically known for their milk production, while others are considered dual-purpose breeds for meat and milk.

Mini cows can be a good choice for beginners, especially for those who have limited space or resources. They are generally docile and easy to handle, making them suitable for small farms or hobby farming.

Mini cows require similar care to regular cattle. They need access to fresh water, proper nutrition, regular vaccinations, and periodic health checks. Additionally, they benefit from social interaction and a stress-free environment.

Mini cows generally require less space compared to standard-sized cattle, but they still need sufficient pasture or grazing areas to roam and graze. They also require adequate shelter to protect them from harsh weather conditions and predators.

The cost of mini cows in Ohio can vary depending on factors such as the breed, age, gender, and overall quality of the animal. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 for a mini cow in Ohio.

Some popular mini cow breeds in Ohio include the Miniature Hereford, Dexter, Lowline Angus, Jersey, and Belted Galloway. These breeds are known for their small size, good temperament, and adaptability to various climates.