Mini Highland Cow For Sale

Mini Highland Cow For Sale

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Available Cattle For Sale

Dexter Mini Cow

Tippy  | Available

Height: 33 1/2 inches Age ;6 months Breed: 100% highland Chondro Status: Positive Miss Tippy Tail is hands down the sweetest cow in the pasture. She loves to get nose to nose and get a neck rub. She’s more dog than cow most days. Tippy is Chondro positive meaning she carries the dwarf gene. This little girl should never reach 40 inches.

Dexter Mini Cow

Monty | Available

Monty is a micro mini Highpark bull. This little guy is small! You can cross him on a Highland or Highpark heifer and get the coloring and hair everybody loves. He is such a cutie ! I just love his black ears and black nose! 😍 The one thing this guy loves is a good nap …I mean who doesn’t ! It’s nothing to see him out in the pasture snoozing and somebody else comes over and always interrupts wanting to play with him ♥️

Dexter Mini Cow

Campbell | Available

Meet Campbell!! He’s 4 months old micro mini cow. He is so cute, spunky, fluffy, and so much personality! His name is also special. Highland Cows originated in Scotland. My late Grandmother was born and raised there. Her maiden name was Campbell and I thought this was the perfect way to honor her and the heritage. I want to make sure he goes to a very good and comfortable home.


21 Charolais Cross Bred Cows | Available

Herd of Charolais cross Bred cows, 3-7 years old, 2nd-3rd period. Cows have had: Synanthic Oral Dewormer Vira Shield 6VL5 Bimectin Pour on Cows are on purina mineral and will follow a feed truck. Hauling Available All cows will be aged and pregged by vet before delivery.


3 Bulls for Sale | Available

We have 3 bulls for sale. All range from 8 months to 1.5 years old. We were saving them to keep one for ourselves but went a different route and havnt had time to run them to the sale barn. If your interested please message me! 8 month old is a Brahman/ Simmental cross 1 year old is a Shorthorn/ Simmental cross 1.5 year old is a Simmental cross All 3 are really stocky and ready to go.


Gray Heifers | Available

We have a nice set of 6 registered gray heifers available. These girls are dehorned, branded, fully vaccinated, and ready to go. They are gentle and will be super efficient in years to come. These heifers are backed by some of the best genetics in the Brahman breed.


Brahman Heifers | Available

Gentle Set of Brahman Heifers Weigh 400-750 lbs. aged 1 year 2 months to 3years. 5 bull and 7 heifers from different bloodline. They are all in good health and can be used for breeding, milking and beef production. They are very easy to manage due to their small size and low consumption compared to the normal cow

Mini Cows

Two Hereford Bulls | Available

I have two Hereford bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 12 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes


Creek Hans | Available

Creek Hans ready for his own herd! 10 months old. Grandson to Rio Brice. Dam is gorgeous. 22” @ birth, 36.5” @ 10 months. Hetro polled, herd tested annually and he will test before leaving.

Mini Cows

Belfair Bull | Available

MINIATURE Belfair bull SLC, UT Born 11/29/22 Dam raised Dam is a mid size dexter and sire is a true miniature Jersey (39in) A2A2 Beta Milk Protein Heterozygous polled He’s red and carries one dun gene Negative for both Dexter Bulldog mutations Negative for PHA mutation

Mini Cows

Dexter Bulls | Available

I have two Dexter bulls. These are great bulls that are out of great stock. They are registered. They are both tame bulls that would make great bulls for someone. They are both 5 and 7 months old with health insurance and from a strong lineage suitable for all purposes

I. Introduction to Mini Highland Cow

Description of Mini Highland Cow

The Mini Highland Cow, also known as the Miniature Highland or Mini Highland, is a smaller variant of the Scottish Highland Cattle breed that retains many of the breed’s distinguishing characteristics. These charming bovines have a strong body, a broad face, and long, curving horns that give them a stately appearance. Their most notable feature is their dense, double-layered coat, which protects them from harsh weather and comes in a variety of hues such as black, red, dun, and brindle. Some Mini Highland Cows have eye-catching brindle patterns with brown, black, and white hairs. Because of their pleasant and peaceful demeanor, they are popular among cattle enthusiasts, hobby farmers, and even as pets. They make lovely additions to farms and rural environments because to their compelling look and manageable size. Dexter Mini Cow For Sale

Origin and History of Mini Highland Cow

Mini Highland cows’ roots and historical history may be traced back to the Scottish Highlands, where their larger counterparts, Scottish Highland cattle, have thrived for centuries. Breeders successfully produced the Mini Highland cow breed by carefully breeding smaller-sized Highland cattle. Their goal was to keep the best traits of Scottish Highland cattle while making them smaller. The Mini Highland cow breed arose from a desire to own cattle that possessed the characteristic qualities and toughness of the Scottish Highlands, but in a more manageable and space-saving packaging.

The Mini Highland cow breed originated as a distinct and compelling breed cherished by enthusiasts worldwide as a result of careful selection and well-planned breeding procedures. Breeders concentrated on keeping vital characteristics such as their shaggy double coat, broad face, and long, curving horns, all of which contribute to their distinct and appealing appearance.

Mini Highland cows are now used for a range of purposes, from cherished pets to lovely additions to hobby farms. its origins and history reflect a deliberate breeding voyage to develop a species that embodies the attraction, resilience, and visual appeal of its larger counterparts in a more diminutive form. Fluffy Cows For Sale

Physical Characteristics of Mini Highland Cow

Mini Highland cows have a variety of distinct physical characteristics that contribute to their allure. They radiate strength and resilience due to their substantial frame and broad, muscular features. Their substantial, double-layered coat is a standout feature, providing exceptional protection against changing weather conditions. This long and shaggy hair comes in a variety of enticing colors, including black, red, dun, and brindle, which adds to its visual attractiveness. Some Mini Highland cows have stunning brindle patterns with an excellent blend of brown, black, and white hairs. Another distinguishing feature is their long, curved horns, which add to their regal appearance. While the size and shape of the horns vary between individuals, they contribute to the breed’s unique appearance. Furthermore, their calm and kind nature, combined with appealing expressions, only add to their allure. Because of their small size and exceptional physical characteristics, Mini Highland cows are widely sought after by cattle enthusiasts and hobby farmers alike. Fluffy Teacup Mini Cow

II. Mini Highland Cow Breeds

Characteristics of Mini Highland Cow

Mini Highland cows are enthralling due to their distinct characteristics, which contribute to their attraction as a breed. These compact-sized bovines have a strong physique that embodies both strength and durability. They have the same characteristics as their larger Scottish Highland cousins, such as a broad face, long, curving horns, and a kind look that adds to their appeal. Their most noticeable and distinguishing feature, however, is their dense, double-layered coat, which provides protection against extreme weather conditions. Shaggy hair comes in a wide range of colors, including black, red, dun, and brindle, and it frequently has distinctive patterns. These patterns might range from solid coats to enticing brindle variations, as well as appealing spots and patches.

Aside from their physical attractiveness, Mini Highland cows have a kind and docile demeanor that makes them accessible and easy to manage. Because of their mild disposition, they make excellent companions, whether as pets or for small-scale farming. Mini Highland cows are a popular and appealing alternative for individuals looking for captivating and useful bovine companions due to their charming appearance, manageable size, and friendly demeanor. Full Grown Mini Cows

Size and Weight of Mini Highland Cow

Mini Highland cows have proportionate size and weight for their little stature. Mini Highland cows are smaller than their larger Scottish Highland counterparts, standing around [height] tall at the shoulder on average. Weight-wise, they normally range between [weight range] pounds, indicating their smaller size. It is important to note, however, that size and weight can vary amongst individuals within the breed. A mature Mini Highland cow, for example, may stand around [height] and weigh around [weight], although a younger individual may be slightly smaller and lighter. Despite their diminutive stature, Mini Highland cows have a strong build that demonstrates their strength and durability. Because of their small size, they are perfect for small-scale farming, hobby farming, or even as pets, as they are easier to handle and care for while retaining the character of the classic Highland cattle breed. Micro Miniature Highland Cows For Sale

Coat Color and Pattern of Mini Highland Cow

Mini Highland cow coat color and pattern are important in creating their individual and fascinating appearance. These adorable bovines come in a variety of colors, ranging from basic black and red to more unusual dun and brindle patterns. Each Mini Highland cow has its own distinct and magnificent hue, which distinguishes them with their distinct charm.

Black Mini Highland cows have a sleek, dominating appearance, exuding elegance and strength with their deep, rich black coats. Red-coated Mini Highland cows, on the other hand, exude warmth and appeal, projecting a pleasant and inviting temperament. The dun-colored Mini Highland cows have a lovely mix of brown tones that are emphasized by paler underbellies, lending a rustic attraction to their overall appearance.

The brindle-patterned Mini Highland cows, on the other hand, really catch the eye. Their jackets have an enticing combination of hues, including brown, black, and white, expertly combined to produce gorgeous and unique designs reminiscent of works of art.Mini Highland cows may have a variety of spots and patches, adding to the variety of their coat patterns. These dots can vary in size, resulting in visually appealing contrasts. Mini Cows For Sale Florida

Horns of Mini Highland Cow

The horns of Mini Highland cows are one of their most noticeable and eye-catching characteristics. Mini Highland cows, like their larger counterparts, the Scottish Highland cattle, have long and delicately curved horns that add to their magnificent appearance. These horns are comprised of keratin, the same material as human nails, and grow throughout the life of the cow.

Individual horns can vary in size and shape, with some cows having more obvious and wide-spreading horns and others having smaller and more upright horns. The variances in horn forms and sizes add to the individuality of each Mini Highland cow.

A Mini Highland cow, for example, may have majestic, sweeping horns that delicately arc outward, lending it a regal majesty. Another cow, on the other hand, may have shorter, closely curved horns, adding to its charming beauty.

The horns also have a purpose in the cow’s existence. They can be employed for predator defense or in hierarchical interactions within the herd. Mini Highland cows, on the other hand, are regarded for being mild and docile, therefore they are unlikely to utilize their horns offensively towards humans.

The horns of Mini Highland cows are an important part of their visual attraction and historical value, harkening back to their Scottish Highlands background. These stately and delicately curled horns distinguish them and add to their overall attractiveness as a fascinating and appealing breed. Mini Cows For Sale In Georgia

III. Mini Highland Cow Care and Maintenance

Housing and Shelter

It is critical to provide proper housing and shelter for Mini Highland cows in order to ensure their health, well-being, and overall comfort. They require ample area and protection from the elements despite being a smaller breed. Here are some essential housing and shelter considerations:

1. Shelter Design: A well-built and strong barn or shelter is essential for protecting Mini Highland cows from inclement weather such as rain, snow, wind, and severe heat. The shelter should be built to allow for proper airflow while also keeping the cows dry and warm.

2. Size and Space: The shelter should be large enough to accommodate the number of Mini Highland cows in the herd, with enough room for them to wander around comfortably. As a general guideline, supply at least 30-40 square feet each cow.

3. Bedding: It is critical to provide a pleasant and clean bedding place for the cows to relax and lie down. To keep the cows dry and comfortable, bedding materials such as straw, sawdust, or sand can be employed.

4. Feeding Area: The shelter should include a separate feeding area from the resting area to keep the bedding from becoming soiled with feed.

5. Water: Mini Highland cows need access to clean, fresh water to stay hydrated and healthy. Water troughs or buckets should be easily available within the shelter.

6. Fencing: Proper fencing surrounding the shelter area is required to keep the cows in and offer a secure and safe environment.

A well-designed Mini Highland cow shelter can have a large barn with solid walls and a sloped roof to facilitate rainwater flow. Soft straw bedding provides a comfortable resting spot for the cows, and automatic waterers give fresh water. The architecture of the barn features separate feeding stations, allowing the cows to eat without disturbing their resting space. A gated area outside the shelter provides a safe space for the cows to wander and graze. Mini Cows For Sale In Indiana

Feeding and Nutrition

Feeding and correct nutrition are critical components of Mini Highland cow care since they are essential for their well-being and overall health. As herbivores, their diet consists mostly of fodder such as high-quality hay, grass, and pasture. To effectively meet their dietary requirements, they must have access to fresh and nutrient-rich forage.

Supplementing their food with minerals and vitamins becomes important in some areas with poor soil. This can be accomplished by providing them with salt blocks and mineral supplements, which guarantee they get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Regularly monitoring the cows’ bodily state is critical since it allows for food adjustments as needed. Obesity can result from overfeeding, whereas malnutrition might result from underfeeding. Getting the appropriate balance in their food is critical for avoiding health problems and promoting healthy growth and development.

Mini Highland cows must have regular access to clean and fresh water in order to be healthy. Proper hydration is essential for digestion, temperature regulation, and overall health.

Mini Highland cows, for example, can graze on nutrient-rich pastures during certain seasons and be supplemented with high-quality hay during the winter months. Farmers can change their feed to keep their animals healthy and prospering by monitoring their physical state. Mineral supplements placed in a defined area guarantee that they have access to critical nutrients. Furthermore, having access to clean water troughs near their shelter keeps them hydrated and promotes their overall well-being and vitality. Mini Cows For Sale In Ohio

Grooming and Coat Care

Grooming and coat maintenance are critical parts of keeping Mini Highland cows healthy and looking good. To keep their distinctive double-layered, shaggy coat clean and in good shape, they must be groomed on a regular basis.

Brushing their coats prevents matting and tangling by removing dirt, debris, and stray hair. It also promotes healthy skin and hair growth by increasing blood circulation. Brushing more frequently is required during shedding seasons to manage the shedding process.

It is also necessary to trim their lengthy hair around their eyes and udders for hygiene and to avoid irritation.

It is critical to look for external parasites like as ticks and lice on a regular basis, especially during the warmer months. If an infestation is discovered, appropriate treatment and control measures should be implemented.

Bathing should be done carefully, since extensive cleaning will remove the natural oils that offer insulation from their coat. When necessary, however, a gentle, animal-friendly shampoo is advised.Brushing Mini Highland cows on a regular basis keeps their coat smooth and tangle-free. During shedding seasons, extra attention is taken to efficiently regulate the shedding process. Trimming their lengthy hair around sensitive places, such as the eyes and udders, keeps them comfortable and sanitary. Farmers also inspect them on a regular basis for signs of external parasites, taking immediate action if necessary. Though bathing are kept to a minimum in order to retain their natural oils, they are given mild baths with appropriate products as necessary. This thorough grooming process aids in the health of the Mini Highland cows, ensuring they remain in peak shape and display their fascinating beauty. Mini Fluffy Cows For Sale

Breeding and Reproduction

Breeding and reproduction are critical components of Mini Highland cow herd management. Responsible breeding procedures are critical for sustaining the intended features and genetic diversity of the breed.

1. Breeding plans: In order to create healthy and genetically strong children, diligent breeders painstakingly arrange their breeding plans. They may utilize procedures like as line breeding or outcrossing to preserve specific traits while avoiding inbreeding.

2. Breeding Stock Selection: Careful breeding stock selection is vital for generating high-quality Mini Highland calves. For mating, breeders select cows and bulls with favorable physical characteristics and temperament.

3. Estrus and Mating: Mini Highland cows have regular estrus cycles, which indicate fertility. When cows are in heat, farmers look for behavioral indicators such as increased vocalization and mounting. Breeding can take place either spontaneously or artificially.

4. Gestation and Calving: Mini Highland cows go through a nine-month gestation period. Farmers provide careful attention, nourishment, and medical care to ensure successful pregnancies. Calving is an exciting yet essential period that necessitates a clean and safe atmosphere for the birthing process.

5. Newborn Mini Highland calves require careful attention and sufficient diet to grow. Within hours of birth, they receive colostrum, a rich and important first milk, to help boost their immune systems.

Weaning: Calves are typically weaned from their mothers between the ages of 6 and 8 months. Gradual weaning allows for a less stressful transition to solid food for both the calf and its mother.

7. Breeding Cycle Management: Farmers use a variety of tactics to regulate breeding cycles within the herd, including synchronization procedures to coordinate heat cycles and breeding times.

8. Genetic Testing: Some breeders use genetic testing to identify carriers of specific genetic illnesses, safeguarding future generations’ health and well-being.

A responsible Mini Highland cow breeder, for example, carefully plans their breeding program, handpicking healthy and desirable cows and bulls. They assure accurate mating timings by attentively studying the cows’ behavior during the breeding season. Pregnant cows are given rigorous care, nutrition, and veterinary assistance during their pregnancy. As calving season approaches, the breeder prepares a clean and comfortable calving space to ensure that newborn calves arrive safely. In their early weeks, the calves are given special attention and sustenance. Gradual weaning allows them to transition smoothly to solid food. Regular genetic testing assists the breeder in keeping his herd healthy and genetically diversified. The breeder ensures the well-being and prosperity of their Mini Highland cow herd by using ethical breeding and reproduction procedures. Mini Hereford Cow For Sale

IV. Mini Highland Cow in Agriculture and Farming

Advantages and Disadvantages for Farming

Farming Mini Highland cows has a number of benefits and drawbacks that potential farmers should carefully evaluate before embarking on this venture.


1. Compact Size: The lower stature of Mini Highland cows makes them more manageable and easier to handle, especially on smaller farms or with limited field space.

2. Attractive Appearance: With their long, shaggy coats and majestic horns, they are appealing to farm visitors and potential consumers.

3. Hardiness: Mini Highland cows inherit the strong and tenacious features of their larger counterparts, making them well-suited to a variety of temperatures and hard conditions.

4. Versatility: Mini Highland cows may produce both milk and beef, giving farmers the option of generating several cash streams.

5. Low Feed Requirements: Mini Highland cows have lower feed requirements than larger breeds due to their smaller size, lowering total feeding expenditures.


1. larger Initial expenditure: Purchasing Mini Highland cows may require a larger initial expenditure than purchasing common commercial cattle breeds.

2. Limited Market Demand: Because the market for Mini Highland beef and milk products may be niche and limited, producers must determine their target client base.

3. area Constraints: Despite being smaller than typical Highland cows, they still require adequate grazing and shelter area, which may be difficult for farms with limited acreage.

4. Calving Difficulties: Some Mini Highland cows may have calving difficulties because to their petite size and unusual breeding, demanding special supervision during the birthing process.

5. Breeding Difficulties: Breeding and reproduction procedures may necessitate additional knowledge and skill, particularly for farmers who are new to this breed.

Mini Highland cows have various advantages, including their manageable size, cosmetic attractiveness, toughness, and dual-purpose potential. Farmers, on the other hand, should be cognizant of potential problems such as greater beginning expenses, limited market demand, and specific breeding issues. Farmers can make informed judgments about successfully incorporating Mini Highland cows into their farming operations by carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks. Mini Highland Cow For Sale

V. Mini Highland Cow as Pets

Mini Highland cows have the potential to be remarkable and unique pets for anyone with the right resources and devotion. However, before selecting to keep a Mini Highland cow as a pet, the following factors must be considered:

1. Adequate Space: Mini Highland cows require enough of space for grazing and shelter. A large backyard or a small farm with plenty of pasture would be excellent living conditions.

2. Social Nature: Mini Highland cows are highly social animals who flourish when they are in the company of other cows or animals. Isolating them may result in feelings of loneliness and consequent behavioral difficulties.

3. Proper Nutrition: They need a balanced diet of high-quality hay, grass, and important mineral supplements to stay healthy.

4. Training and Trust: Developing trust with Mini Highland cows requires early socialization and gentle handling.

5. Legal Considerations: It is critical to understand local legislation and zoning restrictions, as some locations may have special prohibitions on keeping cattle as pets.

6. Long-Term Commitment: Mini Highland cows can live for up to two decades or more, necessitating a large and long-term commitment to their care. here

You should have enough grazing space, enjoy spending time with animals, and be willing to invest work and time in their training and well-being to have a delightful and affectionate companion in the form of a Mini Highland cow. Because of their unusual appearance and peaceful nature, these gentle and agreeable creatures can form close ties with their owners, becoming a beloved part of a loving family environment. Nonetheless, ethical pet ownership requires meeting their nutritional requirements, providing a suitable social habitat, and understanding the long-term commitment that comes with caring for Mini Highland cows. Inviting a Mini Highland cow into your life may be a wonderful and happy experience if you fulfill their requirements and dedicate yourself to their well-being. Mini Highland Cow For Sale Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

Mini Highland Cows can be displayed at livestock shows, agricultural exhibits, and other events. Because of their distinct appearance, they frequently draw notice and interest, and participation in exhibitions can be a pleasant experience for both owners and viewers.

Mini Highland Cows have similar care requirements to other cattle breeds. They need access to fresh water, good-quality forage or pasture, and appropriate shelter. Regular veterinary care, vaccinations, deworming, and hoof trimming are also important to ensure their well-being.

Because of their thick, shaggy coats, Mini Highland Cows are well adapted to chilly climes. They may struggle in excessively hot and humid climates, thus sufficient shade and cooling measures should be provided if kept in such conditions.

Mini Highland Cows can thrive on smaller farms than larger cow breeds, but they still require adequate grazing and roaming room. As a general rule, each Mini Highland Cow should have at least one acre of pasture.

A Mini Highland Cow is a miniature variant of the Highland Cattle breed. It has the same long hair and horns as its larger version, but has been bred to be smaller in size.

Mini Highland Cows can vary in size, but on average, they stand around 3 to 4 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh between 500 to 800 pounds.

Mini Highland Cows have a thick, lengthy coat that may require grooming on a regular basis, especially in warmer areas. Furthermore, proper housing, high-quality fodder, and availability to clean water are critical for their well-being.

While Mini Highland Cows can be raised for beef, their smaller size means they yield less meat compared to larger cattle breeds. Some people raise them more as pets or for ornamental purposes rather than primarily for meat production.

You can find Mini Highland Cows for sale through various channels. Local farms, livestock auctions, and online platforms dedicated to livestock sales often offer Mini Highland Cattle listings.

Mini Highland Cow prices can vary depending on characteristics such as age, gender, pedigree, and the breeder's reputation. They can range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more on average.

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Mini Highland Cow For Sale
Mini Highland Cow For Sale
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